TidyTuesday: Anime

Playing with character data for TidyTuesday

testing out python

My first few things in python

Subtracting sets

Function for finding the difference between two sets

Datasets I'm considering using

Something's fishy with these datasets...

Semester 1 Goals

Getting this osdsm thing started

Pillar 1 - Stats

And now for the 'Science' bit of 'Data Science'

Pillar 2 - Tools

R, Python, SQL, Bash & GitHub. Oh, and a blog, of course!

Pillar 3 - Storytelling

Syllabus for learning to tell a great data story

Course Plan

Course Catalog for my Data Science Master's

Moving to the Cloud: Installing RStudio Server on Digital Ocean

How I installed RStudio Server on a Digital Ocean droplet

Reproducible Research

Improving my workflow

Playing with gganimate

Prepping some examples for RLadies